Biblical Leadership

At Reunion Church, we believe in following the Bible in all aspects of life.

We believe God gave us His blueprint for church leadership in the books of Acts, 1 Timothy, and Titus, among others.

Meet our leaders!

Pastor Craig Strain

Pastor Craig has been ministering to God’s people for more than 16 years. Since he and his family moved to South Dakota in 2009 he has been involved in discipleship training, teaching in Bible schools, holding evangelistic meetings nationwide, and has shared the Word of God in several foreign countries as the Lord has opened the doors.

Equipping Christians to carry out the great commission is of primary importance. The teaching of God’s Word, and how we can share that truth to a hurting world, is a high priority of Reunion Church.

Elder Jay Tolsma

Jay is a spiritual leader in our church. He fills in at the pulpit to preach; he is a mighty prayer warrior; he offers spiritual guidance; and he leads our Adult Sunday School.

Jay’s wife, Nancy, leads our Children’s Sunday School.