All of our services can be viewed live or later, by clicking the Watch Online tab from any of our pages.

Please scroll down to view information about our installed AED device.

Notices and Looking Ahead:

  • Our Daily Bread is a daily devotional that you can pick up for free on the counter in the entryway (Fellowship entry or Sanctuary entry). Please pick up one, read, and be blessed!
  • Please sign up if you plan to attend our Fellowship meal after the service on Sunday, June 25th.
  • Please become informed about the radical abortion petition (currently circulating in SD) at .
  • We have joined the Baby Bottle Boomerang to raise money to help combat the petition. Please help support this mission by taking home a bottle from the table set up in the Fellowship Hall. Bottle donations will continue to be available through Fathers Day.
  • Continue to pray for Hope Social Service Society (now renamed Hope for the World International). Learn more at . Please remember to pray for HSSS and the people involved in the ministry, and in India. (Reminder: If you want to donate, please make your check out to Reunion Church, and write “HSSS” on the memo line. If you wish to donate to missions in general, please note “missions” on your memo line.)
  • Remember to pray for Go and Grow Ministries.
  • Please remember to check the bulletin board for announcements, greetings, and community information.
  • Please help the Mitchell Food Pantry. Food Saver cards may be donated in the bag in the Fellowship entryway.
  • We are using the regular glass entry doors for Sunday School in the Fellowship Hall. But if you are coming in for the Sunday service, please use the west side entry doors directly into the sanctuary, so as to not interrupt Sunday School.
  • Kindly turn off your cell phones during the morning worship service, or turn to Airplane Mode. Thank you.
Congratulations Sarah on your high school graduation! Sarah was presented with a Bible, and fervent prayers for her future with God.
A special send-off to Amy as she embarks on a 5-week ministry trip to Greece, to serve abused women.

We have installed an AED (Automated External Defibrillator) device on our church wall, just inside the sanctuary doors.

You are invited to view training videos at these sites:

Youtube for Physio-Control LIFEPAK CR2 AED


are similar to each other.


This next video is longer, and includes use for a child. (Note: We do not have the emergency pack containing the scissors and gloves.) 

Keep reading to see what's happening locally, in our nation, and around the world:

Matters for prayer and / or action

flag, blow, wind

Pray for our country!

Please pray for our country. There are so many issues to pray about. For information on how to pray for specific issues, see these websites:

Please continue to pray for our local, state, and national leaders.

1 Timothy 2.1 – 8

Pray for Ukraine and Russia:

See how God is working His miracles in Ukraine:

various issues:

Pray for Your Church

Please pray fervently for the church: the people of God, saved through faith in Jesus Christ, who make up the Body of Christ here on Earth.

For a prayer guide, click here.


Pray also for our church leaders: pastors, elders and deacons. Click here for a prayer guide.

Hope Social Service Society (HSSS) in India

HSSS is committed to serve orphans, widows, poor and rural communities by meeting their physical needs such as water wells, medical camps, etc. HSSS is serving where no one else is serving, so they can experience the love of God for the first time.

Please visit

Rainbow Bible Ranch

Follow them on Facebook:

From their “About” page:

Rainbow Bible Ranch is a biblically based youth camp located on a working cattle and horse ranch in Meade County. Larry Reinhold has been the executive director of Rainbow Bible Ranch since its inception over 40 years ago, and together with his wife, Robin, and their six children, the ranch and ministry continue. Kids from the ages of 6 through 18 are able to enjoy riding horses and herding cattle. One can participate in a western rodeo, sing around the campfire under the vast starry sky, swim in the old swimmin’ hole, chase frogs, learn how to use a rope, ride the zipline, teach a baby colt to lead and explore the wonders of God’s creation, Reinhold says.

Mitchell Food Pantry

Mitchell Food Pantry receives assistance from Feeding South Dakota and Feeding America.

The Food Pantry is supported by your donations, as well as generous donations from local businesses like Walmart, Country Hearth, Coborn’s, and County Fair. 

All the Food Pantry workers in Mitchell are volunteers. The Board of Directors is a composite of 15 local churches.

Find the Mitchell Food Pantry on Facebook at

Phone the Pantry locally at 990.3663

Pray for Israel

Psalms 122.6Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: they shall prosper that love thee. 7Peace be within thy walls, and prosperity within thy palaces. 8For my brethren and companions’ sakes, I will now say, Peace be within thee. 9Because of the house of the LORD our God I will seek thy good.

A resource to check out: 

Scripture commends us to fast regularly.

Edifying / Interesting / Useful Outside Links:

Online Bible reading and study: 

Bible Atlas:

Ov­er 14,600 Chris­tian hymns and Gos­pel songs:

Search this site to find lyrics and listen to accompaniments. 

Art of the Bible:

A Christian Apologetics Ministry Dedicated to Demonstrating the Historical Reliability of the Bible through Archaeological and Biblical Research.:

Direction for how to pray for persecuted Christians; gives Friday morning updates and a calendar; Can also look for the Pray Today app in your app store.

Voice of the Martyrs website:

The Gideons International

National Right to Life

South Dakota Right to Life

Family Heritage Alliance

Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

Samaritan’s Purse International, founded by Franklin Graham, “Helping in Jesus’ Name”

Check out World News Group:  “Sound journalism, grounded in facts and Biblical Truth”

Hope Social Services Society 

Noah’s Farm  Noah’s FARM is dedicated to Feeding the Hungry, Advocating for Education, Reaching the Lost, and Medical Missions in Zimbabwe, Africa.

Go and Grow Ministries Creating opportunities by providing humanitarian aid, resources, and training for people around the world to prosper.

The Chosen is a Bible-based movie available for free on youtube. It depicts the life of Christ. There are several segments. This is the link for Episode 1:

Christian books and supplies: 

Christian books and supplies: